Eye Care
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Eye Lash & Eye brow Enhancement         
Can be combined with any of the specialized facials.  Great pre-vacation
Will not rub off. Will not wash off.

Eye brow tint                                                                                   $15
Eyebrow hair is tinted with a colour that compliments the skin tone, giving the
brows a more defined shape, with a lift!

Eye lash tint                                                                                     $30
Each lash is carefully tinted with the best colour of choice to give the lashes the
look of depth, and thickness, without the feel of mascara. Will not wash off or rub

Eye lash + Eye brow tint                                                                $40

Eye print treatment                                                                        $30

This treatment effectively fights circles and puffiness under the eyes, as well as
large and small wrinkles, achieving radiant sparkling look!
Can be combined with any of the other facials.

Eye lash enhancement                                                                   $45   
Eye lashes are individually
curled and set, so the curl lasts as long as a normal
cycle of a set  of natural lashes, approximately about 6 weeks.

Eye lash enhancement + Eye brow + Eye lash tint                  $75

Eye lash extensions (individual)                                                  $200
Individual lashes that looks and feels like natural lashes, are placed carefully with
a special glue to enhance  individual lashes that look and feel like natural lashes.

This cannot be combined with a facial. A separate appointment must be set up.